Jenn was a thirty-nine-year-old patient who visited me complaining she felt burned out. Her overwhelming work schedule left her fatigued, with frequent headaches, miserable colds, and raging tension that cut into her sleep. On top of that, she confessed that lately life had become meaningless, which she attributed to an early midlife crisis, and her…

The connection between the emotions and disease has been known for thousands of years in cultures all around the world. It is mentioned in the Bible and by the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)textbooks. Yoga traditions use the term samskara which means the “subtle impressions of our past actions” and describe how this can impact your physical health….

I would like to introduce my guest blogger Daisy Trimor, she is currently completing her DO education and her internship with our practice. Enjoy! Dana Neacsu, MD   What is Osteopathic Medicine? To most people, the two initials listed after a doctor’s name remains limited to MD – the most universally recognized medical degree. If…

I am sharing some great information about acupuncture, please enjoy this great blog written by one of my wellness practitioners friends Karen Lang. She practices acupuncture and I invite you to read more about her and Chinese medicine here: For some women and couples in vitro fertilization (IVF) is the answer to their dream of…

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