Medical Creations Integrative Medicine customizes services for each patient on an individual basis. You are completely unique, and your healthcare should be as well.

We begin with an initial evaluation to assess your current medical situation and needs. This preliminary phase includes the following:

  • Thorough discussion with Dr. Neacsu about any issues you are experiencing, as well as your wellness goals
  • Physical examination
  • Testing to understand your unique biochemistry
  • Reiki treatments-energy healing techniques that would help your body and mind achieve balance
  • Bonus nutrition session so we can review the importance of diet as it relates to health

After this comprehensive evaluation, we can then craft the appropriate course of treatment to help with any current ailments and support your preventative care. This latter element is so critical to your overall wellness, and sadly missing quite often within traditional medicine and healthcare.

Our approach in this second phase is natural, integrative, and as non-invasive as possible. Your customized plan may include some or all of the following:

  • Ongoing evaluation of medical issues as we move toward improved health
  • Review of any test results from previous visits
  • Continued testing as needed to chart progress and track your response to treatment (also allows us to adjust treatment where indicated)
  • Discussion on stress reduction techniques and activities
  • Further discussions on nutrition, diet, and supplements, and their related integration into your routine
  • Program to wean you off certain prescription medications, if possible
  • Discussion of at-home care techniques that you can implement and manage outside of your office visits
  • Frequent follow-up consultations in person or over the phone as needed to answer your questions or to make adjustments in your treatment plan
  • Complimentary care provided by a team of health practitioners like nutritionists, acupuncturists, etc.
  • Incorporation of preventative care to help improve overall wellness

Patients who commit fully to the process can expect better health, reduced dependence on medications, increased energy, and improved mood. We want all of these benefits for you, too – call our offices today to schedule a free preliminary consultation. Let us answer your questions and explore how integrative medicine could be the right path for you.