Acne it’s been a problem this past year for so many of us including health care workers-the famous maskne!

Over 80% of the population experiences acne at some point in their lives, however the impacts are far reaching for chronic acne sufferers. Alarmingly, chronic acne sufferers are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, poorer employment outcomes and lower self-esteem than non-acne sufferers.  

It is not a teenager only problem anymore and now I see patients of all ages having to deal with it and it is frustrating mostly because many times we believe its only about the superficial layer of your skin.

Truth is you must think of acne care as a multistep approach:

-discover the trigger foods for you and replace with a healthier option. Add some form of fermented food on your plate to build that microbiome (the good bacteria in our gut).

-don’t overuse topical products some of them are harsh and they will destroy the good bacteria on your skin as well

– use compounded treatments that actually work and provide the skin with healing ingredients

balance hormones teenagers and adults alike!

-make sure your lymph is moving! We use different techniques to support that including acupressure, Kansa wand massage or Gua-Sha. I like to combine everything I know from traditional Chinese Medicine all the way to Ayurveda.

check your vitamin levels! And I am not talking only about vitamin D and B12 as important those might be. There are so many other vitamins and minerals involved in skin healing for example zinc.

It is also important to stick to these measures for at least 6-8 weeks due to the cycle of skin cell turnover. Don’t quit cheese and give up after a week! Healing skin takes time, but it is possible.

Once you have done that, we can talk about bringing in the big guns!

Our practice is using an amazing noninvasive skin laser that has a specific wavelength meant to destroy the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria that’s causing the trouble! And you get to avoid antibiotics this way!

Those who are serious about treating acne with lasers have long known that a combination of light therapies yields the best results.

 AdvaTx™ is the only laser in the world to combine 1319nm, widely accepted as the gold standard in addressing overactive sebaceous glands with 589nm, the wavelength of choice when targeting acne bacteria and the underlying vascular structure which supports cystic nodes.

Further, the 589nm wavelength helps remove the redness in both active acne and acne scars, leading to the visible, long term results that people are seeking.

And I can’t tell you how many times I used the laser for acne scar removal!

So, we sincerely hope that when you are searching for laser treatment ‘’near me’’ you would find our treatments appealing!

Give it a try! come in for a free skin consultation!


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