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“I can’t thank Dr. Neacsu enough for guiding me towards a healthier lifestyle. With her medical background and holistic approach, she not only kept me off of a very scary and potentially dangerous medication, she also boosted my immune system, helped me lose unnecessary weight, and improved my entire outlook on my chronic and lifelong diseases.”

‘‘I went to see Dr. Neacsu because of my achy joints and also due to my recent diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea. We talked a lot about anti inflammatory foods and came up with a great diet plan for me that was easy to follow and helped me lose weight which in turn helped my sleep and the obstructive apnea as well.I did have a supplement regimen that I needed to take but our goal is to control all of these problems with food,exercise and stress reduction and just rely on a basic regimen afterwards.Dr. Neacsu put together a clear plan,explained it in a way that was easy to understand and helped executing it with a lot of patience and compassion.I also had great support from her nutritionist and her Reiki practitioner and loved working with both.”

“Dr. Neacsu took the time to examine me, listen to my symptoms, review my lab work, and create a comprehensive holistic plan to help me feel better. Dr. Neacsu also explained that all immunity begins in the gut. My immune system was so taxed and inflamed that I needed to heal it. She immediately started me on probiotics and omegas to calm things down. But the biggest impact came from changing my diet. I began eating “clean” foods and loved it. I started having more energy and less aches and pains within the first couple of weeks, and my wellness has continued to improve since then.

“When I first saw Dr. Neacsu, I was frustrated with the medical community as nothing was helping me feel better. I was overweight, bloated, struggling with allergies, beyond exhausted all of the time, and I got sick frequently. I was taking two thyroid medications for my hypothyroidism, testing showed that I had two rare sleep disorders, and my rheumatologist diagnosed me with MCTD (an autoimmune disorder that supposedly was contributing to my aches and pains and debilitating fatigue).

“I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease years ago. Despite strong medications and steroids, which I haven’t really been able to tolerate, I had frequent flare-ups of my colitis. This caused a lot of interference with my work and day-to-day life. I finally decided it was time for me to solve this problem and not keep trying to ‘’fix’’ my symptoms, so I started working with Dr. Neacsu. After reviewing all my medical history, we changed my diet slowly. I also started taking a couple of supplements that she recommended. Slowly, my symptoms improved, and I regained my appetite. I also had a follow-up colonoscopy with my gastroenterologist, and the biopsy showed improvement compared to my last one. I definitely liked the fact that we worked on all different areas of my life related to health.”

''We started working on my diet and slowly got rid of some of the foods that were triggering my flare-ups.I also learned few easy breathing techniques to manage my stressful moments and as I gained more energy I started walking every day which helped a lot as well.She had me on a great vitamins and supplement protocol for couple of weeks until my body was able to heal and function on its own.''
Yvonne Whilhelmi

I am working with Dr. Neacsu for my Nutrition clients and the feedback is always wonderful. Her medical knowledge, both in the traditional and functional fields, her attentiveness, listening skills and caring attitude is absolutely amazing. What sets her apart is her ability and eagerness to find the root causes of medical problems, rather than applying a band-aid by treating with medication only. Her approach of treating the whole person, her pleasant nature and her willingness to go the extra mile for every patient is the reason my clients and I love to work with Dr. Neacsu. Certified Integrated Health Coach INHC

Before I met dr. Neacsu, I used to be reluctant about the effectiveness of natural remedies and supplements. Dr. Neacsu is very knowledgeable in the field of integrative as well as Western medicine, which gave me a great deal of confidence. I had been feeling drained and with low energy for a few years prior to meeting her; along with some lifestyle modifications, she prescribed a few supplements and over the next 6 months, my energy levels gradually improved. After testing my vitamin and mineral levels, she prescribed some vitamins that have significantly decreased my hair loss in addition to helping with my energy levels. Most importantly, I appreciate that dr. Neacsu looks at me and all her patients as a whole and tries to address all the pieces of the puzzle, as well as genuinely cares about her patients

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