Our medical weight loss program is a blend of conventional and alternative medicine given our unique background. We do use  high quality meal replacement system and FDA approved medications, nutrition and health coaching but we also incorporate alternative medicine techniques like addressing the vitamin deficiency status , specific stress reduction methods, self-hypnosis , Reiki, whole body vibration devices and infrared lights all meant to help with weight loss and building healthy habits.

‘’Average 15-20 pounds lost in the first month’’

Our program is designed and exclusively managed by our physician Dr. Neacsu trained as an Internal Medicine doctor and also integrative/functional medicine MD.

How to start?

– Schedule your orientation session and learn about the program so you can decide if this is the right program for you. This is a fun informative presentation and absolutely no obligation or pressure to commit

– Custom program designed for you starting with a complete medical evaluation and testing.

– Accountability and support with weekly visits and ongoing communication from our doctor and staff

What is included in our program?

  • Medical doctor supervision
  • FDA approved medications for weight loss and professional strength supplements programs
  • Lipovite and nutrients injections as needed
  • Weight loss tools


Schedule your orientation session or call us at 678-732-9065 and we will gladly answer your questions!