What is Dry Needling and  how is it different from acupuncture? Dry needling is a technique that treats the neuromusculoskeletal systems and is based on pain patterns, muscular dysfunction, and other orthopedic signs and symptoms. Acupuncture is a technique for balancing Flow of Energy or Life Force known as Chi, believed to flow through meridians…

This is a beautiful and sincere blog written by Maria Angelova my close friend and founder of Rebellious Intl- a company dedicated to wellness through exercise, aromatherapy, and safe cosmetics.Enjoy her blog and check out her website www.rebellious-intl.com for more information. NOTE: The below blog may contain information that some may find disturbing. Do safer cosmetics…

SPECIAL SECTION: Partners in Pink Integrative medicine emphasizes personal empowerment to choose a healthy lifestyle that can help prevent cancer from occurring, support the body through treatment or prevent recurrence. Many factors may not be in our control, but certain lifestyle choices are. 1. During cancer treatment, food should not only support the body, but also…

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