Here’s what I don’t understand:  I don’t think people realize that our brain and mind are basically the most important assets-yes, I am talking about  your neurons!

We are living in a world that is all about looking great, looking prosperous but on the other side is  completely ignoring  the most important part of us-our  brain.

We  also completely ignore  the important question: are you truly happy or are you just putting on a happy façade?

It’s amazing to me how we forget to love and nurture  our brain when in fact this is truly the motor or the engine that puts everything in motion.

Everybody’s worried about their genetics and yet  our life and our health outcomes  are  influenced by the brain/ mind and our daily  decisions more than any genetics in the world.

So what I’m trying to say is  your most important job should be learning to be the best engineer who  can maintain ,drive and improve this engine so you can always stay in top shape and I mean really top shape and not just faking it with numerous pills or alcohol.

Your number one job should be keeping safe what makes you you – your brain! you really have to make sure your brain is on your side! 

Your mind is with you 24/7 -what you do inside your brain and mind matters so ‘’arrange’’ your mind in a pleasant way and  get rid of unnecessary clutter. 

It’s hard enough for our brain to constantly adapt and catch up with  changes in  our life and  body so  there’s no need for additional work.

We know by now that we can change our brain with positive habits- it is called neuroplasticity so basically what I’m telling you is that every person can be how someone said it ‘’the sculptor of his own brain’’

If  you’re going to stuff your brain with something you better stuff your brain with knowledge and positive thinking. 

When they say what you eat affects your brain I think we should also include what you think and say while you eat affects your brain. There is a reason in so many cultures people eat with their family or they invite their neighbors and make it the perfect opportunity to share ideas and  to learn from each other to be happy and release  those  happy neurotransmitters!

Keeping your mind worried all the time as far as I’m concerned it’s a form of abuse and in turn will cause pain and inability to imagine the future.

And as they say  you can eat the right food, you can exercise your body as much as you want. If you’re not happy and fulfilled you’re not going to feel well!  Because  what you really  need to exercise the most is your brain. 

Our brain is the greatest software program out there, however we all know that if you don’t take care of a software program you’ll encounter bugs, apps that will slow you down and maybe even a virus that will take it down.

So where are you going to spend your time from now on?

How are you going to improve your brain health? memory? Get rid of the brain fog? Sleep better without your brain constantly running? Execute your work tasks quicker? Make better decisions in the boardroom?

Time to go big and try Peak Performance! Upgrade your brain!

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