As I write this blog, I am thinking of a dear friend passing because of this viral illness and really nothing prepares you for these kinds of news. He was one of the best physicians I knew, and he had just retired in May and he was so much looking forward to spending his time at his beloved farm.

It makes you think how healthy are we really? What can I do to improve my chances? Because truth is we do not know at this point for how long we will battle this virus or if we win this time what else is lurking around the corner.

And there is only way to be sure or have the upper hand- strengthen your body and your immune system because then and only then no matter how new and strong the virus is you will have a chance. You might feel terrible. You might come out all bruised and tired from the fight, but you will survive. Your family will be with you.

However, if you think that just taking some supplements that you heard might be good for immunity (vitamin C and so on) you are possibly wrong. That should be the cherry on top or the last step once everything is taken care of.

We all heard that diabetics, chronic kidney and lung disease people are at risk I would also add to that people with liver disease and on immunosuppressive drugs based on what we see in the hospital and yet I do not see enough emphasis on changing our lifestyle immediately. Do we really have time to lose here?

Here is an article posted just now about the gravity of the illness directly related to obesity rates

Read Here!

And here is the TV interview of an Infectious Disease doctor talking among other things about how changing the way we eat makes a difference.

Watch Here!

So then what are we waiting for?

We can’t stop the aging, but we do have control on many other things like:

  • Using food like medicine to nourish your body and help it regenerate
  • Balance your blood sugar so it won’t mess up your immunity
  • Strengthen your heart so it can help your lungs and won’t get affected by the virus
  • Balance your hormones
  • Calm the autoimmunity -there is no need for extra cytokine the virus makes plenty
  • Work on your stress level
  • Exercise

These are the pillars of health we all need to have in place in order to have a strong immune system!

Here is a webinar replay to help you understand -> Watch Here!

Let’s look at your health needs at this moment.

Reach us to us and let’s start your 21 days immune bootcamp asap! No time to lose!

To your health,

Dana Neacsu,MD

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