Mother’s Day Contest Winners!

We would like to thank all of our readers for sending their beautiful stories and I wish we could reward everybody but, in the end, we had to choose (after much debate!). Our winner is a mother and a teacher which means she has way more kids to deal with than most of us, do I need to say more? Here is her story printed with her permission:

Our Grand Prize WINNER story:

‘’I want to nominate myself as I believe that I learned a lot from my mother and I am now passing this on to not only both of my daughters, but also to my son. My mom taught me how to be a nurturing person, but she also taught me how to be a strong person. I have passed this down to my children and now onto my grandchildren. Things that I have taught my children is when you fall, both physically and mentally, you must get back up and keep trying. I would always tell my children when they got the typical “boo boo” :Well let’s clean it up and get back going. When they cried for a bandage, I would say if it doesn’t require stitches, it doesn’t need one. If it needs stitches the doctor will put one on there at the hospital. Either case my children got a hug and kiss to remind them that I would always be by their side though. When I first became a parent, I called my mom hundreds of times a day asking what should I do. Now I get the same calls from my children. If it’s a cold, we mix honey and lemon together instead of store bought cough syrup or something for a sore throat. For a sun burn we have always used Noxzema to ease the pain. I remember my children running around the house trying to scare their dad because they looked like a ghost. I know the Noxzema helped but playing really made it feel better with the laughter and distraction from the sunburn. We as a family took something ‘’ouchie’’ and turned it into fun time. There are so many things I have learn from my own mother that I also take into the school setting as being a teacher. If a child has a stuffy nose and doesn’t like to or doesn’t know how to blow it, we play pretend. I will assist them with holding a tissue and then when the nose has been blown we have to run to the trash can and throw the tissue away so that the germs don’t escape. After that we wash our hands and sing the song I made up:

‘’Wash, wash, wash your hands wash them nice and clean,

When the germs go down the sink, listen to them scream!’’

The child always giggles!

Thank you for listening to my stories and have a blessed Mother’s Day!’’

Tara M.

Here is our REIKI session winner’s story:

‘’I would like to nominate my friend Heather as the Best Mom and not only because she is a wonderful mother to her 2 sweet girls but because through her work she is trying to improve little by little our children’s life as well. It is not an easy task but through her willingness to educate, her knowledge and her constant effort to bring healthy food and, natural cosmetics and clean air filters to all of us she manages to be the Best Mom to many families. After all, isn’t that what a mom does? I hope she wins and has a chance to spend some well-deserved time for herself’’

Dana N.

Here is our GIFT BASKET winner:

‘’My mom was so serious when we got sick as kids, it was like a serious battle was about to begin: the yucky germ versus the most determined army soldier-my mom. So, it was a long day with all sorts of teas loaded with honey and lemon and sorts of oils drops in a steamed bowl of water and boy! she would make us sit there with a towel around our face, so all the steam will be inhaled. Oh, and then it was raw egg yolk with sugar and all sorts of mentholated creams and balms on our chest and backs. At the end almost always, there was some bitter tasting syrup that she would concoct for our cough and congestion that made us almost choke but it worked miracles! And you know what was the best? Her hugs and kisses and to this day it’s still the what makes me feel better no matter how sick I am!’’

Meghan R.

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day and looking forward to next year contest!

And we do not want to forget the wonderful dads so stay tuned for their own contest!

MCIM staff

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