How can I get healthy glowing skin?

This is the question I have been hearing it a lot lately maybe because we are now past holidays season and some of that celebrating took a toll on our skin

Well, if you only listen to the dermatology, cosmetic and plastic surgery advice you will end up with a multitude of cream and potions and procedures.

I take a different approach. What if I tell you the secret to have a beautiful young-looking skin is about what you put in your body and about how you nourish your body. Things like food intolerance, toxins and nutrient deficiency will affect your skin!

That does not mean you should not take care of yourself from the outside-there are great products that I recommend to my patients. But that’s not going to ultimately going to solve the problem especially if you have acne, eczema or psoriasis for example.

So, for today I am going to focus on nutrient deficiency!

Our skin requires vitamins, glucose from healthy carbs, ceramide, fatty acids to heal, perform and look good.

So, what are the most important vitamins for the skin?

Vit A and C – will help skin retain moisture and hydration. Vitamin A also helps the skin make new collagen so make sure it is s present every day in your diet. Collagen is the matrix that holds our skin together from inside so cannot forget about this one.

Vit D – helps with healing and has anti-inflammatory effect not to mention the important role in autoimmune illnesses like psoriasis. Soaking up the sun is the way to get it but do not get fooled-it takes a good amount of time being outside to achieve that and most of us are not doing that frequent enough.

Vit E – healing, you know when you have small ulcerations or small skin cracks? that’s the one that might be missing!

Vitamin B deficiency can mess up your skin bad too – flaky skin, cracked lips, wrinkles …and let’s not forget we are talking about 8 different types of B vitamins.

Copper Increases skin thickness and elasticity so that’s something we always check as well with a blood test.

Zinc and selenium have antimicrobial activity and prevent photodamage aka sunburn.

And these are just few of the ingredients our skin needs!

So, what do you do?

We diagnose the imbalance, address the causes first and then help the body repair and regain balance. The body’s natural ‘’healing’’ intelligence takes care of the rest.

Testing for all those vitamins and minerals is easy and it is a finger pricking blood test. Once we get the results, we can build a regimen that is meant for you instead of a plain multivitamin that might not cover your needs.

If you have struggled with skin issue, what strategies did you use to make it better?

To your health and amazing skin,

Dana Neacsu, MD

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