1. Men do not suffer from depression
  • Quite the opposite, about 6 million cases per year! They are however less likely to speak about it and they tend to focus on the physical aspects of it like headaches or insomnia. It is not ‘’all in your head’’ and we can help with supplements and various brain optimization devices.


  1. Men do need testosterone replacement therapy.
  • Unless levels are truly low or severe symptoms, they should focus on lifestyle changes, replacing the vitamins deficiency, working on liver support for a whole-body detox and balancing cortisol and blood sugar should be the first steps! JOOVV infrared light has amazing studies showing increased testosterone levels as well. Our patients love it!


  1. Hair loss is not caused by wearing hats!
  • And by the way there are so many options available for treatment including exosomes therapy but always try to discover the real cause behind it: autoimmune diseases, poor nutrition status and even stress.


  1. Erectile dysfunction or ED affects only older men
  • In fact, obesity, diabetes, stress, and smoking can cause ED in younger men. The ED is defined as inability to get an erection or sustain it. Start addressing all the risk factors asap! Let’s look at the rest of the hormonal levels: insulin, cortisol and thyroid and let’s fix that balance.


  1. Self-exams are not only for women!
  • Testicular cancer affects young men, and it is curable if detected even at a later stage. Oh, and just to clarify this one too-men do get breast cancer as well! Pay attention to your body and report any change to your doctor.


  1. Just because you exercise does not mean you can eat unhealthy foods or neglect your stress level.
  • And long, strenuous exercise sessions are not necessarily better. Aim for variety: strength training, walking, running, stretching.


  1. Elevated PSA does not always equal prostate cancer.


  • Inflammation or minor trauma can cause a PSA leak as well (long bicycle ride anyone?). Monitor the trend rather than just one value.


So, with all the misinformation available on the internet how do you what path is right for you? Why guess when it is easy to test and design a treatment meant for your body needs?

Start looking for answers and we will be happy to help you!

Stay healthy and happy,

Dana Neacsu,MD

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