Supplements to Consider for Conception and Infertility

Integrative medicine has a lot to offer couples who are planning to conceive a child – or couples who may be struggling to conceive. Here are just a few key things that may be of help:

(Note: Always discuss any supplements with your doctor and consult with a knowledgeable practitioner before starting them.)

For Both Men and Women: Multivitamin

Consider taking a good quality multivitamin, no matter what your age. If you’re thinking of pregnancy, a multivitamin is even more important as it may help you conceive, reduces the risk of birth defects, lowers the risk of a miscarriage — and at least two studies that came out in 2011 suggest that it may reduce the risk of autism and other learning disabilities.

For Women: Chasteberry

If you’re planning to conceive, chasteberry may help.

For Men: Additional Supplements

Additional supplements for men who struggle with infertility include

  • Antioxidants (sperm is very sensitive to oxidative stress)
  • Vitamin D – have your vitamin D level checked. There is preliminary evidence that a vitamin D deficiency corresponds to an increased risk of autism in the child.

There are a couple of herbal supplements that could help men who struggle with infertility, as well, but talk to your doctor or pharmacist and always ask about possible interactions between drugs and medications, even those that are bought without a prescription.

How Medical Creations Integrative Medicine Can Help

Integrative medicine combines effective strategies and therapies from multiple methods of healing, both conventional and alternative. At its heart, this type of patient care focuses on the true problem, not just the related symptoms and effects. Accordingly, our goal is to discover the root cause (or causes) of whatever issues you are experiencing, then we concentrate our efforts there.

Beginning with your first visit or phone call, we become partners in the healing process, and work together toward your optimum wellness. Our efforts take into consideration the whole body, as well as your mind and spirit, offering responsive as well as preventative care. This is the beauty of integrative medicine.

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About Dr. Neacsu

The founder of Medical Creations Integrative Medicine, Dana Neacsu, MD, is board-certified in internal medicine. She completed a fellowship at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, was awarded the Joseph T. Trubiano award for professionalism in medicine, and has applied functional medicine in clinical practice at the Institute of Functional Medicine.

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