Shop with the Doc! Free Shopping Tour

Come join us for a new look at the nutritional options you have at your local grocery store.

We will teach healthy tips on how to read labels, make healthy substitutions, and get you on the healthy track!

What you will Learn is:

  • what to buy to be healthy – and it doesn’t cost your whole paycheck
  • what not to buy to be healthy, to many people fall victim to what they think are “healthy” products
  • why it is important to pay attention to ingredients
  • how to read labels
  • how food manufacturers disguise ingredients and what to recognize
  • how to pick out foods specific for your unique health concern
  • how to prepare for food shopping
  • how to find healthy substitutes for your current addiction foods

Family members and friends are welcome!


 Sprouts Market, Sandy Springs

April 27th 2018 between 2-3 pm


Trader Joe’s, Sandy Springs

April 12th 2018 between 11-12 am

Please RSVP at or 678-732-9065

The store can accommodate a limited number of guests so please RSVP in a timely fashion in order to secure your spot.

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