NEUROFEEDBACK – Peak performance ‘Training of the mind’

The neurofeedback has been used for so many other conditions but the research for the peak performance has been going on since mid- 1990 and it has been found to increase the cognitive skills like attention and emotional regulation (e.g, decrease worry and anxiety).

Or simply put by other authors the neurofeedback for peak performance teaches an individual how ‘’to control attention, thought, feelings, thus performance’’

Neurofeedback training focuses on 5 brain waves: delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma waves each with their own role in learning and performance.

For example, when alpha waves are slower than ideal an individual might feel sluggish and have trouble remembering facts because alpha are associated with the relaxed focus, calm attention, cognitive efficiency, intellectual performance. This could be a huge problem for a businessman or an athlete during an important game when major decisions are made within sometimes seconds.

Or imagine experiencing  daydreaming or some of the intrusive negative self-talk which can impact attention and concentration while you are trying to solve a problem or in the middle of a concert -the neurofeedback can not only detect that based on an abnormal ratio between another 2 types of waves( theta and beta) but also  help the brain reverse that pattern.

Neurofeedback measures the activity of brain waves and helps you make more or less of certain brain patterns by changing its activity or by fixing how different areas of the brain communicate with one another. This enables you to improve your attention and control your emotions and behavior.

How does it work?

First, we attach sensors on your head and record your EEG brain activity with a computerized system that gives you feedback with the help of a movie or a video game on a TV screen.

For instance, if your brain produces more of the beta brain waves, the movie images will be bright with loud music but when you are less vigilant and distracted the movie will fade out. By doing this, you soon discover how to keep the movie from fading out by deviating the brain activity that’s being trained. Your brain will figure out quickly how to get the bright pictures back on and how to keep the movie from being faded out.

What are the results?

  • learn how to focus when needed or to relax and become calm during periods of stress.
  • enhance the emotional intelligence, the confidence level and the control of emotions even under stressful situations.
  • improve the depth and quality of sleep, which directly benefits the physical presence and performance of an athlete.
  • bring out the creativity and inventiveness of your mind hence will bring new ideas to your business plans and strategies.

Who benefits from it?

Businessmen/women, musicians, athletes or any individuals who are required to function under constant levels of high stress.

C Milan football club has been using Neurofeeback training since 2006 and based on their World Cup win it was also adapted by Real Madrid. Chelsea began using it in 2009.

Neurofeedback is also used for peak performance brain training by:

– The Pro golf circuits

– Formula 1 teams

– NASA astronaut training center

– United States Olympic Training Center

– English Institute of Sport (Olympic Training Center)

– Canadian National Olympic Sports Centers

– Norwegian Olympic Training Center

– Taiwanese Olympic Team

– Singapore Olympic Sports Council

– US Special Forces and Navy Seals training

– United States Army’s Centers for Enhanced Performance

– Wingate Institute of Sports & Physical Education, Israel

– Human Performance Institute, Australian Special Forces

– West Point Military Academy

among others…

Our Neurofeedback training in Atlanta offers a well proven and extremely efficient Ohmer neurofeedback method. In addition, we look at the whole person and use other forms of functional medicine training like nootropics, specific labs or stress reduction techniques.

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