Micronutrient blood testing


We are giving thanks!
When: February 1st, 2018, between 12-3 pm
Location: MCIM office 4840 Roswell Rd. Suite 200-A

We partnered with Spectracell Labs and we are offering you their amazing Micronutrient blood testing at a discounted rate of $150 instead of their regular price of $190! We will have their phlebotomist on-site for your convenience, so everything will be done and shipped by the end of the day. Some of you already had this test but if you did not here is a little bit of information about it.
Bring a friend or a family member and enjoy an extra $10 off from us! Your friend can decide on a special rate consultation afterward to discuss the results or choose to become a patient.

We are also offering Thyroflex testing for those with a thyroid illness at a discounted rate of $58. See more information about this non-invasive testing here and please let us know so we can schedule a slot for you since it is done by Dr. Neacsu and it will take about 20 minutes to complete.

It would be helpful to let us know the time you are coming in order to avoid waiting time although you can use that time to enjoy the healthy snacks and drinks or just mingle.
We will also have complimentary mini-wellness services like Reiki demos and hand massages with essential oils. Oh and let’s not forget: have your photo taken in a booth with our team!

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