How To Nominate For The Champion Mom

Nominating a Champion Mom is such an easy way to make her feel seen and appreciated… and if she wins one of the prizes, even better! Send us a story about the best healing recipe or trick you learned from her! or it could be a ‘’funny but working’’ natural remedy she used for that pesky cold when you were a child.

Nominate as many women as you’d like: moms, sisters, aunts, grandmas, coworkers, friends, teachers, or yourself. She doesn’t have to be a biological mom, either. Any woman who goes above and beyond for her family qualifies!

And YES, you can nominate yourself – we would love to get to know you and hear about the difference you’re making in the world!

Can you remember a time when you were sick, and your mother gave or make you a tea to feel better? Or give you some healing, soothing concoction for your throat? Or maybe just miraculous recipe your grandmother taught you? Anything that made you feel better!


All you have to do is send us your story at

We will pick the best stories and not only your mom will get the prize, but your story will be featured on our website. You can share with your friends or in social media so everybody can learn about it.

Anybody who lives in Georgia can participate and there are no age restrictions.

We will announce the Grand Prize winner on Mother’s Day. Please make sure you include an email address or a phone number, so we can contact you!

If you have any questions, please call us at 678-732-9065 or email us at

Check out these prizes!

Pampering day prize-$600 value

Start your day with an energizing Pilates session, followed by a private health coaching/nutrition and finished with a relaxing Reiki session, an amazing way of reducing your stress and reset your body’s energy. You will also enjoy a fabulous brunch with Dr. Neacsu and our team.

Detox day prize- $250 value

Includes a one-week detox professional strength kit with delicious shakes and efficient supplements regimen designed to reset your body and brain. It will include recipes, handouts, detox your house handout, workbook, and 20 minutes consultation with the doctor to help you identify the health goals for this week.

Health reset basket-$120 value

Win a basket full of super foods, healthy snacks, oils, and safe cosmetics. This is a great way of learning about wellness and preparing for summer.

Spring Reiki session $75 value

Reiki is a stress reduction technique rooted in Japanese tradition used for centuries by practitioners. It is an energy healing method, extremely safe and useful for many health conditions. Finish with a hand massage with essential oils.

Good Luck!

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