It is all about the prevention of skin problems and healing of the damage already done. How do we achieve that?

I know now that true rejuvenation is possible in skincare with advancements in technology and breakthrough ingredient formulations.

But in order to achieve true rejuvenation, a good mix of science and nature is  indispensable because the renewing process is not just skin deep.

As a functional skin care practice, we teach patients about their own unique skin physiology as well as the proper combination of skincare ingredients that will give them the best results.

I also know firmly believe that the parasympathetic nervous system (our “rest and digest”) is important for our skin health and not only for digestion and relaxation. A balanced nervous system facilitates absorption of nutrients to our tissues and promotes skin rejuvenation, detoxification, and overall renewal.

We must allow our skin to do its’ job so say goodbye to overwhelmed skin!

It was widely believed that the more products we layered on our skin the better – turns out your skin might feel overwhelmed by it all! Use few smart skin products and let your skin strengthen its natural barriers. Your skin is going to thank you for giving it a bit of a breather. 

Skincare is an inside job:

Any beauty routine starts with good nutrition, lifestyle practices and addressing underlying health issues. It involves healing the gut with dietary changes, sleep, exercise, stress management, supplements, hormonal balance, and focused elimination of environmental toxins.

Functional Medicine tests:

Going beyond the basic testing that a primary care doctor or even dermatologist do, will assess the drivers of skin inflammation and aging: test for hormonal imbalance, food allergies, toxin load, gut imbalance.

Using Functional Medicine protocols, one gets to the ‘why’ of the matter or the ‘root cause’ of your skin problems. Once we know the root cause, we can then form a patient-centric personalized skin-care regimen, that will be a permanent cure and not a symptomatic, treatment.

 Skintelligence (love this word!)

Equipped with skintelligence, you can confidently adapt your skincare program to your ever-changing skin needs. Each product contains ingredients that will promote healing like probiotics and CBD oil for anti-inflammatory effect.

Advanced yet noninvasive technology:

Using micro needling with exosomes and the latest technology Advatx laser to rejuvenate the skin and heal the dermal collapse we see with age. After these treatments you will see in the mirror a younger looking reflection of you instead of the ‘’artificial’’ result many other techniques produce. 

 Working only on the superficial skin layer with various other techniques will only leave you at the end with a thin, unnatural look of your face.

Functional Facials

 Specifically tailored to your skin’s needs in order to support the skin on its quest to function at optimal vibrancy and wellness.

We target the lymphatic drainage, the collagen production, and the muscle strength with various techniques like Gua-Sha, acupressure and Kansa wand massage using amazing skin products. Working on each layer of the face  and not just the superficial layer is the key to maintaining strength, shape, and glow.

 Functional Facials, as a cornerstone of your personal skin care, can help to revert and reset the effects of time, stress, and environmental factors.

In the end we provide our patients with a true glow that shines from within!

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