Fibromyalgia is widespread pain-pain affecting the muscles and bones but also so much more

Fibromyalgia is widespread pain-pain affecting themuscles and bones but also so much more: fatigue, brain fog, mood changes,sleep problems that can truly change somebody ‘s life.

Fibromyalgia is ‘’tricking’’ your nerve endingsthroughout your body and amplifies the painful sensations by affecting the wayyour brain processes the pain signal.

Many people think fibromyalgia isn’t a realmedical problem or that it is “all in your head.” but it is a realphysiological and neurochemical problem.

These days people tend to think that there isan easy cure or a fix for every medical problem. You go to the doctor,expecting he or she will fix whatever the problem is with medication orsurgery. Unfortunately, it is frustrating to people with fibromyalgia becausethe traditional treatment approach isn’t effective. And it’s also frustratingto health care providers because they want to help but the medications are notreally a good option here.

However, doctors are seeing that people whohave fibromyalgia can manage their symptoms with lifestyle changes to improvetheir overall wellness and quality of life. The trick here is to be consistentwith those changes, seek help and take small steps because reaching wellness is a process.

But I also know that developing a properwellness program is not an easy task: how do you lose weight and become activewhen it is difficult to move due to the pain? Or if you have a hormonalimbalance for example?

Or if your body is continually impacted by stress factors, many ofwhich are unique to the modern world. These include a bad diet laded withcarb-heavy foods, hidden toxins, constant emotional stress, and lack ofexercise. Constant exposure tothese stress factors disrupts immune system functions and other vital processesin the body, resulting in chronic immune dysfunction and setting the stage forchronic illnesses. Wouldn’t make sense to address those causes first?

Here are some suggestions:

1.Adress the pain and fatigue and sleep issues first, thiswill allow your body to work faster towards recovery and healing. Use massage,Reiki, acupuncture, anti-inflammatory herbal supplements or the CBD oil derivedfrom hemp.

2.Change the way you eat-look for organic, real food; healthyfats (think olive oil, nuts, avocado oil, ghee) and enough proteins; do notforget your water and diversify your diet

3.Make sure there are no other underlyingconditions that mimic fibromyalgia: chronic infections, adrenal imbalance,nutrient deficiencies

4.You must move to get well! But it isimportant to choose something that would be gentle and efficient like yoga orTai Chi and it won’t cause you debilitating pain next day.

5.Learn to stay calm-the hardest task, I know!Plan for small breaks throughout the day when you can take a walk, meditate,listen to the music or whatever else might quiet your mind. If need be considertaking some calming herbs: lemon balm, chamomile, passion flower

6.Reduce the toxin load! Clean up your house,filter your water and air, choose safe cosmetics. Everything counts.

There is so much more to share when it comesto this illness, so we invite you to attend one of our seminars and learn howwe can help!

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