Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The focus on breast cancer this month should be on education and learning about additional methods of detection and proper diagnosis. Currently mammograms are the go-to mode of breast cancer detection promoted by the medical industry. There are many pro and cons and the choice to have one is a individual decision. Equally important is the self-exam every woman should perform regularly.

But today I would like to discuss Thermography, a test used as an alternative or a complementary test to mammograms and it is non-invasive and safe tool. It detects the areas of heat in the body which can point to areas of inflammation and abnormal cellular changes. Because of this thermography may be able to detect physiological changes associated with cancer even they are just the size of a pinhead.

In addition to that there are certain blood tests currently being studied or used around the world able to give us a little more information about the cancerous cells thus making the treatment potentially more individualized. Hopefully we will see more studies and more accessibility to these tests.

Also, don’t disregard other testing which can give you more information about how and to which extent the cancer is affecting the whole body. I usually check blood glucose, inflammation markers, hormonal and liver tests, vitamin D levels, heavy metals levels and we use those results as well when we design an individualized plan of treatment. We also make sure there are no sleep issues since there are some correlation noted between insomnia and breast cancer, so we check melatonin levels, various neurotransmitters and sleep apnea testing if needed.

It is always exciting when a new test comes to the market and it seems like SureTouch Breast Self-Exam device. It was developed by Harvard scientists, FDA cleared, and it is radiation-free. It is able to produce a digital surface map of the breast where abnormalities may be spotted. Since these technologies are fairly new it is important to  ask a healthcare provider about them first in order to determine if they are right for you.

Very important to know your choices and make informed decisions!


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