Alternative treatment for menopause

Talking about menopause: I have covered considerations for testing, the need for exercise, diet changes and some stress reduction techniques.  There are more ways to help and things to do, in addition to what we have already discussed.


Consider starting Magnesium at bedtime and a good brand of Omega 3 fish oil. Most of the time, these supplements are extremely safe but always check with your doctor first, especially if you have any kidney disorder or take a blood thinner!  Magnesium helps with the anxiety/irritability part and also prevents the headaches associated with menopause.  Fish oil is a great anti-inflammatory agent and I even heard from my patients it helps them think faster and clearer.


One of the best-known remedies is Black cohosh and it can be  pretty efficient, especially combined with other plants like St. John’s Wort. Even used as a tea in the evening, it has an additional effect on stress reduction. Both botanicals are not a good choice if you have liver disease and St. John’s Wort can interfere with quite a few medications! So, again, checking with your doctor is a must.

In addition to that, I would suggest:

– an adaptogen such as Ashwagandha to support your adrenals;

– Maca powder, especially if taken in the morning.  It can increase your energy, libido and hormone levels.

– Sage tea, 3-4 cups a day, is especially good for hot flashes.

Make sure you get your supplements from a reputable health store for both safety and efficiency purposes.

Finally, if you decide to use hormonal replacement for menopause try to take the lowest effective dose for the shortest duration possible. Consider bioidentical hormone therapy if possible since their structure is like ours.  I also like trans dermal (patch) form in terms of safety.

And keep in mind that 50% of women experience recurrent symptoms after discontinuing the hormonal treatment!  So, try using all the above methods prior to, during, instead of, or after hormonal replacement, as they could be extremely helpful.

Consider the potential risks and benefits of each available treatment!

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