We believe in using these weight loss medications to jumpstart your weight loss, balance your metabolism and get you started on a health journey. Once you see results with the medication your motivation will skyrocket

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How are we different?


Obtained only from accredited reputable pharmacies


Will be done at the beginning of your treatment.


On what to expect, including how to deal with potential adverse reactions.

Nutrition Plan

To support your weight loss journey.

Dose Adjustment

Based on your progress

‘’Wean off the medication’’ plan including supplements

When ideal weight is reached to prevent weight again.

Medical Supervision

Proper screening by MD, reviewing bloodwork, close monitoring.

We offer virtual consultations as well although we prefer to see our patients in the office at least for the beginning of the treatment. In these circumstances the medication will be shipped to you.

About the medication weight loss:

  • These medications act directly on your metabolism by mimicking certain hormones actions and will help you control cravings, the feeling of hunger and the amount of food consumed.
  • We know obesity involves genetic factors, hormonal imbalances and chronic dysregulation.

While some patients require escalation of the dose most of our patients can lose weight with minimal doses. Our goal is to keep you at the lowest dose possible which will make weaning off easier.

Doctor prescribed GLP-1 medications

Ozempic( semaglutide)
Mounjaro (tirzepatide )
Based on 24 reviews
Emily Boyle
Emily Boyle
Dr. Neacsu is a wonderful doctor and her expertise and practice has been incredibly helpful in maintaining my best health. She provides great detail and suggestions and is a good listener. Talking over the blood test with her, working through the supplements, and coming up with a plan that works for my body and specific needs has been so beneficial. Additionally, the nuerofeedback therapy as well as the numerous other therapies she provides have been has been so beneficial. She truly cares about her patients and I could not recommend her more.
suzanne brandt
suzanne brandt
Dr Neacsu’s focus on holistic solutions instead of just using medicine to treat a patient’s symptoms is very refreshing! She is also very responsive even after hours.
Roxanne Nicolas
Roxanne Nicolas
I highly recommend Medical Creations Integrative Medicine if you are looking to supplement or as an alternative to more traditional medicine. I came to Dr. Neacsu with fatigue and burnout issues and after working with her for several months, I feel much healthier and a greater sense of balance. In addition to being an expert in her field, Dr. Neacsu is also very caring and committed to her patients’ health and well-being.
Dan Vasilescu
Dan Vasilescu
If you are concerned and you would like to take care of your well-being, as a patient, I will recommend you, to visit the office of MEDICAL CREATIONS INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE of Dr. Dana Neacsu MD. At her office you will meet, not only devoted experts and very friendly staff, but highly specialized staff dedicated to assist their patients with a variety of special needs. Dr. Dana Neacsu loves her profession and continues to invest, no only in the new technology available, but continuously studies the latest scientific data in order to improve her patients’ lives. Personally, I used her office of MEDICAL CREATIONS INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE of Dr. Dana Neacsu, which helped me to get rid of my shoulder’s pain, sleeping better, relaxing and gradually eliminating the anxiety. With all my confidence, I warmly recommend the MEDICAL CREATIONS INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE. In the end, do not forget how healthy, beautiful you want to be, and looking younger. ALEXANDRA VASILESCU

Introductory Package

$ 399 through July 30th
Regular price $425
  • Initial evaluation with the doctor
  • 1-month medication supply
  • Bloodwork
  • Nutrition plan

Schedule your initial visit and start the first dose! Leave the office with your weight loss medication supply.

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