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A special event to welcome you to our new location, and our new programs including Medical weight loss, and Enhance Your Health Lab.

Dr. Andrew Weil explains Integrative Medicine and why what we do is so important!

Did you know that the signs and symptoms of heart attack, stroke and diabetes differ in women and men? • 42% of women who have heart attacks die within one year (vs. 24% for men) • 82% of heart disease is preventable. • Did you also know that these medical issues no longer affect only…

Dr. Dana Neacsu MD explains the plague of adrenal fatigue our current generation. She talks about practicing holistic health in the conventional world of medicine and gives us some valuable recommendations + safety

Are you unsure of which dietary or herbal supplements to take for your overall health and well-being? With so many different options available now, it can be overwhelming and unsafe. Come and learn from our expert, Dr. Dana Neacsu, a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician and Functional Medicine Physician. Dr. Neacsu will not only provide…

Fibromyalgia is widespread pain-pain affecting themuscles and bones but also so much more: fatigue, brain fog, mood changes,sleep problems that can truly change somebody ‘s life. Fibromyalgia is ‘’tricking’’ your nerve endingsthroughout your body and amplifies the painful sensations by affecting the wayyour brain processes the pain signal. Many people think fibromyalgia isn’t a realmedical…

The focus on breast cancer this month should be on education and learning about additional methods of detection and proper diagnosis. Currently mammograms are the go-to mode of breast cancer detection promoted by the medical industry. There are many pro and cons and the choice to have one is a individual decision. Equally important is…

Dr. Dana Neacsu will be speaking and teaching about immunity and chronic inflammation for the lupus patients on Aug 25th as a part of the Gwinnett Lupus Support Group curriculum. RSVP by emailing drneacsu@y31.69c.myftpupload.com, as seats are limited. You may also reserve your seat from our Facebook page by clicking here.

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